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Colours of Ritual at Joe’s Pub, New York City, 2010.   Photo: Tracy Collins

Colours of Ritual is a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural performance that melds live and prerecorded music, dance, and video. Featuring Yoruba chants from the Afro-Brazilian Candomble ceremonies, the trance music of the Gnawa from Morocco, and mystical Sephardic music from North Africa, as well as original compositions in the style of electronic piyuttim, the sacred poetry of Judaism. A setting to Psalm 127 and a mystic poem by Ibn Ezra, the fifteenth century Andalusian philosopher, as well as a deconstructed version of Macbeth’s soliloquy set to dumbek and original electronic track, converge in a critical mass of music.

Created by composer and artistic director Mossa Bildner in collaboration with a group of musicians from Bahia, Brazil, Morocco, Israel and France, Colours of Ritual journeys from tribalism to technology through the sacred music iconography and dance of Diaspora cultures.

Colours of Ritual has been performed in its earlier incarnation as the band International House of Trances at the Knitting Factory many times and as part of the  Jewish Music Festival, The University of Mass at Amherst, and at the Harlem Festival for the Arts. In its current format, Colours of Ritual has been performed at the Orensanz Foundation for the Arts in 2003, and the Danny Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College for Black History month in 2007.

Watch the entire performance, recorded at Joe’s Pub in New York City on July 10, 2010



HARVEST OF MY TONGUE (Recueil des Mots de ma Langue)

Music: Composed by Mossa Bildner, Arranged by Charles Gerard

Author: Michele Blondel’s poem, Recueil des Mots de ma Langue. Sung in French.

The poem, Harvest of my Tongue, depicts Michele Blondel’s vision of the alphabet as a personal cosmology of Spirit and Sex: God’s Word and the Body’s Experience.

Set to music, the words are used for their intrinsic sound quality, as well as their ability to evoke the exotic and erotic imagery of the poem.

Performed as a cycle of 26 short pieces, A through Z, Harvest of my Tongue employs a variety of historic, international, and tribal styles, including Plainsong, French Café Concert, Middle Eastern, Operatic, Afro-Brazilian, and Jazz.

The piece was originally composed by Mossa Bildner for Voice and Double Bass as a commission by the Fine Arts Museum at Amherst to celebrate a 25 year retrospective of Michele Blondel’s work in 1994. Since then it has been performed at The Living Theatre and at the Brecht Forum, both in New York City.

Core Personel: Hilliard Greene, Mossa Bildner, Warren Smith, Adam Morrison

Musicians who have played already on this project: Warren Smith, Hill Greene, Roy Campbell, Rob Brown, Michael Wimberley, Andrew Lamb, Jorge Amorim, Adam Morrison and Ras Moshe




An entirely improvised project inspired by the trance inducing ceremonies of Candomble. With Haitian turntableist and producer, Val.Inc. and Electric Guitar wiz, André Lassalle.  It has been performed at The Local 269 in New York City.




Mossa Bildner & Gary Lucas Duo have performed at The Local 269 in New York City.

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